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Atlanta-based Lgmusicpub is a boutique song catalog and music publisher offering one-stop, music production, licensing and composition services to all broadcast and non-broadcast media; primarily in the ever-expanding Film, Television, Advertising and Gaming sectors.

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Post-Production Services


Imagine: a well-known title or chorus, brought up to date with the voice of an artist your audience loves, just for your production or campaign? Yes, we love that too!

Also includes Custom Music Packages (TV, Film & Advertising), Custom Songwriting (Themes and Replacements) & Custom Production Cues


Want that dream song for yesterday and your budget is limited? We talk every day with publishers, managers and record labels worldwide helping you source the music you need for your project


You have an idea, a concept and a budget, but no soundtrack? Do you want music tailored to a particular emotion or specific market? We take over! Through our boutique catalog and world-class service, we will find you the best songs for your project, your budget and your target audience. Your dream music is at your fingertips!


Want to know if a title is available...and at what price? Call us for an answer as soon as possible. The quick estimate will give you an idea of ​​the cost and feasibility of your project. We can then provide you with an official estimate upon request.


A diverse & boutique catalog of over 300 high-quality, 100% pre-cleared music tracks from 25+ established and emerging artists is available for immediate and affordable licensing. 

Lgmusicpub is proud to be an active member of and respected among the following organizations: The Recording Academy®, Guild of Music Supervisors, BMI, ASCAP, SESAC,  NARIP


With a roster of high-profile, GRAMMY®-Nominated composers, musicians, producers, and engineers who create and record all genres of series themes, feature scores, custom compositions, re-records and / or work-for-hire music for film, television, gaming & advertising projects, we have the creatives on staff to source the needs of your project.

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Meet the Team

Our dynamic team includes GRAMMY® Nominated Producers & Engineers, University-Trained & Award-Winning Composers, Premier Recording & Touring Musicians. Our Award-winning leadership are responsible for administering some of the biggest artists of the past seven decades and our award-winning songwriters, composers and instrumentalists have played on and/or penned numerous hit singles (streaming in excess of 10 million streams) and film scores, in addition to music tracks for television and video games.

As a Georgia-based Limited Liability Company, Lgmusicpub is strategically positioned to enable its visual media clients to fully harness the benefits of Georgia's Film Tax Incentives. Operating within the regulatory framework of the state, Lgmusicpub can facilitate the seamless integration of its clients into the program certified by the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) and overseen by the Georgia Department of Revenue (GDOR). This strategic advantage ensures that the company is well-versed in the intricacies of the Georgia tax credit landscape, offering its clients a streamlined and efficient process to access the lucrative incentives available.

The Georgia Film Tax Incentives provide a significant 20 percent base transferable tax credit for a diverse range of eligible projects, including feature films, television films, pilots or series, televised specials, commercials, and music videos distributed beyond the borders of Georgia. A distinctive feature of this program is the supplementary 10 percent Georgia Entertainment Promotion (GEP) Uplift, attainable through the inclusion of an embedded Georgia logo in approved projects and a link to on the project's landing page. Ensuring that both resident and non-resident workers' payrolls, as well as various production expenditures, take place in Georgia from Georgia vendors, Lgmusicpub optimally positions its clients to qualify for these incentives without limits on spending or salary caps for individuals paid through various arrangements. By being a Greater Atlanta-based Limited Liability Company, Lgmusicpub demonstrates a commitment to providing its visual media clients with a strategic advantage in navigating and capitalizing on the state's robust film tax credit program, ultimately enhancing the competitiveness and success of their projects.

About Us

Our award-winning staff have earned GRAMMY® nominations and awards across the globe for our world-class service as it pertains to music solutions. Offering white-glove service to our first-rate clients, we provide the best-in-class solutions to enterprises of all stages and productions of all broadcast and media sectors.


Working With the Best

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6691 Church St. #962455

Riverdale, GA 30274

+1 (770) 765-7584 

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