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Fine tuning your sound

يمكنك أيضًا الانضمام إلى هذا البرنامج عبر تطبيق الهاتف الجوال.


Artist Discovery, ٢٥٫٠٠ US$/الشهر


هل أنت مشارك بالفعل؟ تسجيل الدخول

  • Instantly Access the Industry's Top Secrets Pertaining to Publishing and Licensing
  • Gain Industry Connections to Best Kept Secrets and Resources to Get Placements and Briefs Right Away
  • Learn what it takes to represent major artist including Top-Tier Songwriters and Legacy Artists
  • Gain Industry Connections By Being Introduced to Companies and GRAMMY-Award Winning Producers we've worked with personally to secure our music licenses
  • Complete the course in 24 hours or less and access the course for a full 30 days to access your work
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