Battle Submission

J Holy - "PSA"

(c) LG Music Publishing 2014.

Battle Submission, Round 5

***J Holy responds to an artist's submission in Round 5 of the competition after submitting. "99 problems (and a check ain't one)". The response "bent the rules", as it served as the competitions first instance of an artist responding to another artist's submission, after their original post. The song was controversially received.


Round 2 Submission

J Holy - "Rollin-N-Coolin'"

(c) LG Music Publishing 2013.

Standard Submission, Round 2



This round is about writing the best song. You are free to pick your topic, and say what you want. Your song MUST include a chorus, and multiple verses.


Round 5 Submission

J Holy - "99 Problems (and a check ain't one)"

(c) LG Music Publishing 2014.

Standard Submission, Round 5



--The Format--

This Round is FREE-WRITING format. You can write to the instrumental however you want. You have complete control over how your song lyrics are organized.


--The Challenge--

This is a topic challenge. You must write a song about PROBLEMS. You can interpret and express this topic however you want in your song. If you do NOT complete the challenge, 5 points will be deducted from your total score.

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