LeJitt releases new hit single, "Where I'm From"

LeJitt presents "Where I'm From" produced by Common Cause Beats

Atlanta, Georgia - Hip Hop and R&B recording artist, producer and publisher LeJitt has released her new single, "Where I'm From" worldwide in over 200+ countries. This marks the first commercial release from LeJitt since 2012. After taking a six year hiatus from the release of music to focus on her full-service music publishing enterprise, Lgmusicpub Publishing, LLC., LeJitt has returned to the market in full force.

The lyrics to the song state "I'm from the city they call Atlanta / Jackers, hammers and stunnah's yeah / young n***** with gunna's yeah / old head blowing ganja yeah" depicting the Atlanta lifestyle and scenery through the eyes of LeJitt. "When I wrote the song, I was in California. I wrote the song in 2016 and wasn't able to release the song until this year [2018]. I am delighted to introduce new music to the market and to continue to be able to write and record music," she stated.

The song was produced by Hip Hop and R&B producer Common Cause Beats and features sultry sounds with a laid back vibe that fits perfectly with LeJitt's intricate voice. After taking over a year to commercially release the single, LeJitt is expected to release new music in the coming months. "Being occupied with the publishing company full-time, my time for writing and recording has been limited. But, I'm looking to forward to collaborating with new producers and artists and to continue releasing new music," she stated.

To listen, download or stream "Where I'm From" visit LeJitt online on YouTube here at

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