Christian/Gospel recording artist Sherman plans the release of new single through Lgmusicpub

Christian/Gospel recording artist Sherman releases new single worldwide to over 200 countries through Lgmusicpub.

Augusta, Georgia - Christian and Gospel recording artist, music producer and songwriter Sherman has completed the recording of his new single, "God Has a Plan". The song is a message of encouragement to individuals struggling with depression and adversity.

"The song is about people that are in a point in their life of depression and just seeking another way and to give them the knowledge that will help them with whatever they're experiencing at this particular time. What I talk about in the song is what they can do to overcome adversity, and there is another day and there is another way out of whatever you're going through," he stated.

Hailing from Augusta, Georgia, Sherman started from humble beginnings. He began studying music at the age of 10. He was inspired to become a musician listening to genres R&B and jazz. Beginning in elementary school, he learned to play several instruments including the drums, the trumpet and french horn. Because he was such a talented musician, his love for musicianship transferred into the studio; and by age 16, he was working as the session drummer recording drums for gospel albums.

Currently, he has released several singles including "Another Day", which is distributed by Lgmusicpub, and "Walking in the Spirit" which is distributed by Famous Records. Both singles have experienced much success in the market being broadcast on over 48 commercial and terrestrial radio stations in the US. Cities that the singles were broadcast include Flint, Michigan, Little Rock, Arkansas, Memphis, Tennessee, Jackson, Mississippi, Montgomery, Alabama, Cleveland, Ohio, New York, New York, Dallas-Fort Woth, Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, Augusta, Georgia, Birmingham, Alabama, Baltimore, Maryland, Detroit, Michigan, Huntsville, Alabama, Columbia, South Carolina, Chicago, Illinois, Cincinnati, Ohio, Trenton, New Jersey and many others.

"We look forward to partnering with Sherman on the release of his new single, 'God Has a Plan' this February. Sherman is an artist and musician that has achieved much notoriety and success throughout his career. We are delighted to distribute his record to over 200 countries worldwide," Renita Holyfield, MBA Founder and CEO of Lgmusicpub, stated.

Up next, Sherman will release his new single, "God Has a Plan" worldwide in over 200+ countries through Lgmusicpub. The single is scheduled to release in February of 2018. For more information about Sherman, visit him online on YouTube. To purchase his music, visit him online on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and more.

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