Accomplished author Sego Ayah authors My Lil' Homies

Accomplished author, Sego Ayah, has released his new book My Lil Homies. The book portrays the lifestyle of urban city residents and inner city relations. Throughout the book, there are many characters that depict the struggles, triumphs and challenges of residing in impoverished environments.

The author details the lifestyle of inner city children and adults. He portrays characters in ways that are realistic and authentic. Published by Indiana-based publisher Xlibris, the book is 80 pages, according to Amazon, and has a total of 11 chapters, excluding the Acknowledgements and Introduction. This periodical effectively illustrates characters using methods that are realistic for modern society. For example, the character Judge Karl Joyner is a successful and wealthy judge who lives in the inner city. His son, Karl Jr., plays in the streets of Detroit with other children in the neighborhood. However, when gun shots rail, and a man ends up dead in the same streets where children once played football, Judge Joyner decides to leave the neighborhood. There are many other parallels throughout the book that depict common life in today’s urban societies.

The detailed depictions of urban life in this book could herald from the author’s personal experiences of living in St. Louis, Missouri and California. An accomplished entertainment professional and college graduate with a major in mass communications, Ayah has the background and expertise to author a spectacular publication. A resident of California during the tumultuous 80’s and a former undefeated-welterweight champion, Ayah has experienced his share of discrimination and adversity.

“I come from a background where crooked police police our communities and truly have a negative effect on our neighborhoods. I wrote this book to illustrate some of the stories I’ve experienced growing up on the west coast. Although the book is non-fictional, it’s based on true stories,” Ayah stated.

A brief synopsis of the book would be described as a story of an urban drama illustrating the effects of drugs, corrupt police departments, and the manipulation of criminals. It also depicts how these consequences in turn effect the conscious of those communities. The synopsis of the book states on the back cover, “If you ever want to know why kids kill kids, this book holds the answer”.

Mr. Ayah presents his vision to the masses throughout My Lil Homies and clarifies the challenges of being in urban environments. He also brought his dream to life of becoming a published author with the release of this book. He is an accomplished individual, owning and operating several businesses and entertainment companies. As so profoundly stated by Mr. Ayah, “the only way to make your dream a reality is to live it”.

To purchase My Lil Homies by author Sego Ayah, visit him online on Or visit any Barnes & Noble retailer in your local area.

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