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Jasmine Holy explains decision to drop LeJitt as stage name

Fri. Feb 22, 2013


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Jasmine Holy says her name change signified her spiritual development, she also stated that the name was "universal" and allowed her to cross-genres.


After being asked numerous times why she changed her stage name from LeJitt, Jasmine finally explained the reason behind the name change.


“I spent a lot of time and resources building LeJitt as a brand name, and it was going great, but I knew that name would limit me to possibly only hip hop. By the way, I changed my name once, back in 2007 from LeJitt to Renegade. Let’s just say my fans were not happy, and so I changed it back within a few months. But, I always knew I would change the name LeJitt because I created it when I was only 16. As I grew, spiritually and as a woman, I developed new musical skills and knowledge. After I graduated from Georgia State with the [Bachelor of Arts] degree, I knew that I had outgrown just being a hip hop artist and producer. So, the name change to Jasmine Holy represents my growth as a person; from a young rapper/producer, to a musician, songwriter, publisher, and woman. I’m not that shoot-em-up, kill-em girl anymore. I’ve grown into so much more than that, and I have so much more to offer.”


Jasmine went on to explain that the name Jasmine Holy also allowed her brand to cross-genres and added a universal appeal to her inspirational and spiritual music.


“I prayed long and hard about this name change. I wanted a name that would allow me to praise God, and rap about real life situations all in one verse. LeJitt had been branded so many different ways, and it had become known for a particular style. It was revealed to me, that my name [Jasmine Holyfield] was the best stage name for me. That way, I didn’t have to be an entertainer one moment and a publisher the next. I could be me, Jasmine, the songwriter, publisher, entrepreneur, rapper, or whatever else I chose to be in that moment. So, I took off the “Field” of my last name, because Holyfield already has its own brand, and just kept Holy. It actually matched perfectly because my music is inspirational and spiritual. So, it stuck, Jasmine Holy.”


Jasmine is also the niece of Evander Holyfield, and she generally keeps this information private.


“I didn’t want people to associate me with my Uncle’s accomplishments. Not to say that I’m ashamed of my last name, but Holyfield already has its own brand and significations. So, I removed the ‘Field’ from my last name so that I could build an entirely new brand with my personal name, and what a coincidence, that left Holy, which fit perfectly with my inspirational appeal.


Jasmine Holy is currently working on a new album scheduled to release this fall. Her last release, Feel Good Music, was released as an EP in 2012 under the stage name LeJitt. Songs from the Feel Good Music EP have been broadcasted on radio stations and television networks throughout the southeast region, including WRAS 88.5 FM, Foxie 105 FM, Crunk for Christ Radio, and more. Jasmine is also Founder/CEO of LG Music Publishing. For more information about Jasmine and the company visit

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