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Konnea Mcandrew is an American entrepreneur, former radio host, author and motivational speaker. Motivated by a desire to help the masses achieve financial health, specifically Americans with a low or fixed income in order to increase their ability to achieve financial independence and be a contributing member of society.

Mcandrew has built her credit rating to over a 700+ with a fraction of the income and resources of most credit resources recommend and accomplished this exponentially faster and in a fraction of the time of all the suggested advice. Over the years, she has ventured into several companies working with hundreds of authors and composers, business executives and consumers. She is equipped and qualified to empower Americans, especially those with a low or fixed income, on how they can build wealth, create a healthy fulfilling lifestyle and make their contributions to society in an impactful way.

Konnea currently operates as CEO of Lgmusicpub Publishing, LLC., and is the Creator and CEO of Capital Finance Academy. She's been exponentially increasing her credit score month after month and wants to equip others with the tools, strategies and resources to do the same.

Konnea Mcandrew

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