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Lgmusicpub Publishing Administration (Annual Fee)

At Lgmusicpub Publishing, we can help you with registering your songs globally and assist with licensing and copyrights so you can start earning from your music. We collect a 25% commission on royalties and sync, the best personalized service in the market.

Lgmusicpub Publishing Administration (Annual Fee)

Unlimited Submissions & More Royalties!
299,00$chaque année jusqu'à annulation
    • Worldwide Collection & Unlimited & Verified Song Registrations
    • $299 Annual Fee
    • Submit as many compositions as you like
    • 25% Commission - Keep 75% of royalties collected
    • Our team works globally to pitch your music for placements in film, TV, commercials, and video games.
  • We know you may have questions before registering so here's a brief FAQ of our most asked questions:

    What services do you provide? Our Lgmusicpub Publishing Administration provides creative services in the areas of song pitching, placement opportunities, royalty collection, guidance and feedback for your compositions. What people tend to like about us is our more personalized approach, becoming a member of your team, low-entry fees, and no annual fee model

    What placements have you had previously? Great question! We've had licenses secured on notable platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, VH-1, MTV, CBS, ABC, NBC and more! Please watch our sync reel here

    How do I access the licensing opportunities sent exclusively to the LG roster? We pitch actively throughout the year for our repertory and catalog. In the case where we have incoming briefs from our clients, from time to time we may send out a brief notification to our roster, giving them an opportunity to pitch music for the project for any music we don't have on file in our library. It's best to onboard and ingest the music into our library previously before receiving the briefs to increase your chances of your music being pitched directly

    Is the agreement exclusive? Our agreement is non-exclusive in that we do not control your entire catalog. However, for the songs that we are representing we would control those exclusively. Please see our Terms of Agreement here

    Do I have to pay per song submission? Currently we do not charge our roster any per-submission fees, saving them thousands per year in the process. Our goal is to better monetize the music in our catalog and seek out licensing opportunities for our publishing repertory. So, this model keeps us on our toes to actively pursue opportunities for our catalog. See our rates here.

    How is the deal structured? Great question! The deal is a 75/25 split with a 25% split on royalties. So, let's say $1,000 were to come in. We would collect that $1,000, send you $750 and keep the other $250. There's also a 25% split on royalties earned through collection management organizations worldwide (i.e. such as performance rights organizations or mechanical rights agencies)

    What is the term? The agreement is for one year and automatically renews each year on your anniversary date.

    Can I opt-out of the agreement? Yes. You are free to opt-out of the agreement after the expiry of your anniversary date, considering that you send us a Notice of Termination at least 90 days prior to your anniversary date.

    How do I make my payment? Sure, you can make a payment via our secure, online checkout here at We accept major debit and credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.

    That's our most popular questions in a nutshell. If you have any additional questions or concerns, always feel free to email us

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