"I'm glad to see you're getting my music out the door so quickly! More than happy to do whatever you need!"" - Matthew A.C. Cohen, Composer

"Lgmusicpub is an excellent publisher. They published my music in over 200+ countries and had us earning royalties from Russia, Europe, Japan and all across the world! They also helped us get our music placed in radio and to collect the royalties from the airplay we generated. All in all, Lgmusicpub is a company you want in your corner. They're the real deal!" - Morris Roberts, Recording Artist/Lyricist

"Lgmusicpub has been a wonderful asset to my catalogue. They are thorough, professional, and committed to the development of my career." - Royce Carr, Singer-Songwriter




Founded in 2007, Lgmusicpub Publishing, LLC. is a full-service rights management enterprise dedicated to the security, promotion and licensing of songs. We specialize in the areas of publishing, distribution, marketing and consulting. We take pride in servicing the needs of our music community, and here at Lgmusicpub, you are always valued. We partner with songwriters, artists and musicians of all levels and music of all genres.


Lgmusicpub is a different kind of music company. We’re proud to represent our clients, administering the needs of today’s modern music business models. At the same time, we’ve got the customer focus, attention-to-detail and flexibility of a small boutique outfit, with music to match every need, deadline or budget.


We partner with a variety of leaders in the tech space as it relates to the music, media and arts & entertainment industry overall. Partnering with organizations across the globe, we leverage our abilities to capture and exploit market trends at an unprecedented rate. From publishers, to distributors, to record labels, booking agencies and more, we are connected to a vast network of stakeholders who are leaders in their respective fields, putting us at the forefront of technology.



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Tel: 404-857-3071

P. O. Box 2702

Stockbridge, GA 30281-8928

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