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AFFIRM, INC. Will invest in your music or business

Imagine you are an investor sitting on large amounts of capital and you want to put that money to work. So, you lend the money to businesses and borrowers who then pay you monthly payments with interest to earn a return on your money. This is how Affirm has partnered with us to invest in our clients who are seeking services for their music. 

Affirm will lend you up to $17,000 to be used for your business or music for our Lgmusicpub Promotions®  campaigns and other services.


As an example, a $17,000 investment generally has payment options for as low as $599/mo

Quick and Easy

Enter a few pieces of information for a real-time decision.

No hidden fees

Know up front the exact investment amount they're willing to invest, with no hidden costs and no surprises

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