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We are competitive with our rates, especially for established creatives and labels. Our passion is to help world-class musicians and agents reach new markets.
All rates include a 'Welcome To The Community' onboarding call .


$299 One-Time Fee

(50% Commission)


$57 One-Time Fee

(25% Commission)

Music publishing is a complex part of the music industry and can be confusing for songwriters. Lgmusicpub Publishing is here to make music publishing simple.

Our premium global music distribution service is here to support the best emerging & independent artists. We distribute to every major DSP and digital store around the world. You keep 75% of your revenue along with the freedom to leave whenever you want.


Call for Pricing

Most artists fail to market their music because they prefer to focus on the music 100% and not the business side of it. Also getting traction could be a pain in the you know what! It is usually based on who you know. We have partnered with over 5000+ legit independent marketing agencies to help on growing your music.


$299 One-Time Fee

(25% Commission)

With Lgmusicpub's label services, it’s easier than ever to claim your work and take control of your career. We are happy to guide you through the process of setting up your very own label. Our technology is used daily by labels and artists all over the world. We deliver your music fast and safe to all leading music stores.

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